Tissue Ablation Products To Promote Minimally Invasive Treatments

Posted On: July 29, 2019

Tissue ablation products play an essential role in nonsurgical or non-invasive medical treatments of chronic diseases. The technologically advanced medical instruments allow surgeons or doctors to destroy infected tissues without causing much damage to surrounding areas. Ablation technique can be used to treat cardiovascular problems and chronic diseases such as cancer. For tumors less than 3cm in size, this minimally invasive method is quite effective. Larger tumors can be treated using ablation along with embolization.  

RF System for Ablation of Nerve Tissues

Major variants of tissue ablation products are radiation therapy systems, microwave system, cryotherapy systems, radiofrequency system, photonic or laser based systems, and others. Radiofrequency system is anticipated to be the most preferred technique by surgeons and doctors to treat chronic health issues. Also called rhizotomy, radio frequency ablation is a minimally invasive procedure in which part of electrical conduction system of tumor, heart, and other dysfunctional tissue is destroyed using heat. This heat is generated from medium frequency alternating current.

To cater to rising demand for nonsurgical medical devices, the manufacturing companies are investing in R&D activities to develop advanced products. For instance, in February 2019, Medtronic received clearance from food and drug administration (FDA) for Accurian radio frequency (RF) system. The system is an effective solution for ablation of nerve tissues using heat generated from RF signals.   

Market Insights

The global tissue ablation products market is anticipated to exhibit high volume by 2028, according to a report available on Million Insights. It is estimated to witness a healthy CAGR over the forecast period (2013 to 2028). Rising cases of chronic diseases such as cancer in geriatric population are anticipated to propel demand for non-invasive treatments. Tissue ablation products allow surgeons to destroy infected tissues within patient’s body without damaging its surrounding areas. Increase in prevalence of heart disorders such as persistent atrial fibrillation, paroxysmal, and arrhythmia is driving non-invasive surgeries. Surgical procedures based on ablation technology allow patients to recover early as compared to conventional methods. In addition, increasing investments by government and private organizations to improve healthcare facilities is driving the market. Moreover, increasing use of ultrasonic and radiofrequency ablation devices to treat neck and back pain will drive the market over the forecast period.  

Some of the leading companies operating in the tissue ablation products market are Medtronic, Abbott Laboratories, Hologic, Cynosure, and Spectranetics.