Rising Need For More Sophisticated Imaging For Medical Purposes To Drive X-Ray Microscope Market

Posted On: June 21, 2017

Global X-Ray microscope market is driven by the rising need for more sophisticated imaging for medical purposes. Additionally, the technological developments in medical imaging is gaining a significance that fuels market growth for the forecast period.

X-Ray microscope are recognized for imaging at a resolution beyond the wavelength limit of visible light. For biological applications, X-Rays with wavelength between oxygen and carbon absorption edges gained significance as organic materials at these wavelengths are strongly absorbent as compared to an overlying water layer. Researchers have been focusing on X-ray microscopy and monographs in recent years. Commercially, X-Ray microscopes provide effective imaging to characterize the properties and conduct of the materials pertaining to microstructures in the global X-Ray microscopes market.

Technical details such as resolution, light imaging determine the strength of an X-ray microscope. Resolution of X-Ray microscope encompasses the optical microscope and electron microscope. A major advantage of X-Ray microscope over conventional electron microscope such biological samples can be viewed with much better observation and visibility. Again, X-Rays cause fluorescence in various materials and these emissions can be analyzed to know the chemical elements of biological sample. Overall, advances in X-Ray microscopy techniques have bought multiple opportunities based on spatial resolution coupled with morphology and chemical sensitivity to analyze hard, soft & liquid matter. Thus, the commercial market for X-Ray microscopes gains a positive traction during the forecast period.

Global X-Ray microscope is segmented into medical diagnostics, advanced package development and failure analysis, based on application. Medical diagnostics segment gains significant share in the global market owing to availability of large pool of patients such as geriatric and pediatric population. Global X-Ray microscopes is segmented into hospitals, clinics and research institutes. Hospitals segment is anticipated to rise at a higher CAGR during the forecast period, owing to large pool of patients.

Global X-Ray microscopes market spans North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East & Africa. APAC regions such as India, China & Japan owing to rapid technological developments in the medical imaging industry. North America is anticipated to rise at a higher CAGR during the forecast period owing to technological advancements in the medical infrastructure. Middle-East & African markets are anticipated to grow at a moderate CAGR during the forecast period owing to rising medical infrastructure and evolving mode of market growth in these regions. The key players in the global X-Ray microscopes market include ZEISS, Rigaku Corporation, Bruker, Nikon Metrology NV and HORIBA Ltd.